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Housing Measures Announced in 2023 Fall Economic Statement

The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) is encouraged by the unprecedented emphasis on housing in the 2023 Fall Economic Statement, which announced several measures aimed at enhancing existing housing programs, as well as the government’s commitment to increasing housing supply across the entire housing continuum, through various new programs. On Tuesday, November 21, Deputy Prime…
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Meaning of Home writing contest is back!

The Meaning of Home contest is back for its 15th year on January 3rd! The contest invites students in grades 4, 5, and 6 to submit a poem or essay explaining what home means to them. The Meaning of Home contest, in support of Habitat for Humanity Canada, is a great opportunity for students to…
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The Niagara Real Estate Trends You Need to See

How could the Niagara real estate market be better off today than it was a year ago? It’s just one more thing to add to the growing list of unprecedented phenomena dotting the 2020 timeline. The Canadian economy may be feeling the sting of pandemic-related business closures and job loses, but the housing sector is…
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What does home mean to you?

National Writing Contest For Grades 4, 5 And 6 January 6 to February 21, 2020 Grades 4, 5 and 6 students across Canada are invited to submit a poem or essay explaining what home means to them. It’s a great way for students to engage in an interactive and fun way, and it teaches youth…
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Niagara Region launches comprehensive review of housing landscape

Niagara Region has embarked on a comprehensive analysis of its housing landscape. This study will help forecast the need for future housing stock and inform strategies that improve access to adequate, suitable and affordable accommodations for residents of Niagara. Called the Niagara Housing Statement, this groundbreaking work establishes a data informed basis for analyzing housing…
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Town of Pelham ‘Love My Hood’ Program

Did you know? The Town of Pelham offers a 'Love My Hood' program that includes a special Took Kit and up to $300 in funding to encourage Pelham Residents to hold neighbourhood gatherings, activities and projects that help neighbours get to know one another? This community building initiative is designed to provide resources, support and…
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Revitalization in the ROSE CITY

This series of photographs were shared on twitter this past week by local social studies teacher, Kevin Santone via his "Wellandarium" Twitter profile. There is a groundswell of community advocates converging in Welland to collectively lead the process of change needed to bring the bloom back to the rose in Downtown Welland At a Public…
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Portraits of Pelham Marketing Campaign

I Spy with My Little Eye...Team Berkhout Bosse hanging from the ceiling at our local Fonthill Sobeys - our photo that is! This photo was part of the Pelham Business Association's Portraits of Pelham Campaign - a marketing initiative that showcases some of the people that own and operate local businesses. The idea is that…
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How Might We Build an Economic Action Plan ?

This week I had the opportunity to participate in a creative problem solving process designed to inspire a diverse group of community stakeholders to work together to build an Economic Action Plan for the Town where I live. Our session was an official “Special Meeting of Council” like none other I have ever personally had…
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Introducing Pelham’s NEW Brand!

It’s vibrant. It’s creative. And it epitomizes our caring Town.

It represents our five communities, contains colours from our Carolinian Forest, and draws inspiration from our key landmarks.

It shows us interwoven and unified inside a circle, and as the highest geographic point in Niagara.

It’s bold, energetic, unique. And it’s the new Town of Pelham corporate brand.

Created to market the Town’s numerous services, programs, and initiatives in a fresh and modern way, the new logo will be featured on all upcoming advertisements, publications, signage, promotional materials, social media, and website designs. The more formal Town crest will continue to be used for official letters and documents.

“Council approved the new Pelham brand, believing it best encompasses our vision of being a vibrant, creative and caring community,” commented Mayor Dave Augustyn.

Developed by the team at Chimpanzee, and lead by designer Jenny Halinda—a Pelham native— the new brand was created after carefully reviewing nearly 500 individual suggestions and ideas. In-depth consultations with Town staff and the public included an online survey, a volunteer resident committee, a staff communications committee, and a community outreach exercise on June 20th during the opening night of the Fonthill Bandshell concert series at the Pelham Farmer’s Market.

Members of the community and media are invited to join us to celebrate the launch of Pelham’s new brand during this year’s Summerfest taking place July 18th to 21st. Full use of the new brand will commence following the launch.

Some Lessons from the Kitchen Table

Wikipedia defines consensus as the “community resolution when opposing parties set aside their differences and agree on a statement that is agreeable to all, even if only barely.” While this definition is easy to understand cognitively, it is oh so challenging to achieve in practice. In 2001 I had the decidedly elusive opportunity of participating…
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My Vision of Pelham, Niagara

Imagine if our Pelham community could become a fully connected on-line neighbourhood. Parents could register their children for sports or art camps or girl guides with a click of a mouse. Local events like bandshell concerts, turkey raffles, trivia nights, dances, golf tournaments would be posted and the listings would always be up-to-date. Social agencies…
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New Growth Era in Pelham

The Town of Pelham is entering into a profound era of revitalization and community growth. According to our Town's "Toward 2015" corporate strategic plan the population of the Town of Pelham is expected to increase by 30 per cent by the year 2015. This statistic is noted in the opening environmental scan section of the…
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Niagara Tourism Beyond the Falls

According to a Destination Niagara Image Survey conducted in 2008 there is a lack of knowledge of or appreciation for Niagara beyond the Falls and visitors to our area perceive that the Niagara region is weak for interesting towns, recreation, agritourism and the food and wine experience. The study also identifies a peculiar “before and…
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We Help You “Find it Local”

  As real estate professionals, it our primary goal to provide our clients with the most thorough information possible when it comes to finding a place to live. Each and every day John and I actively promote the value of our vibrant Niagara lifestyle and demonstrate our  deep personal commitment to helping our local communities thrive. In…
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Economic Development Benefits: Community Portal Website

MyPelham.com is a community portal website that my marketing company, Tiger Eye Solutions, is currently developing along with joint venture partner, Melissa Wells of Ex Nihilo Web Designs. This article summarizes the community economic and tourism benefits that a community portal webstie delivers to local communities. 1) Increases traffic for other websites in the community…
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Common Vision for Pelham-”Yes we can!”

In Pelham, our political landscape has been littered lately by accusations of conspiracies, hijackings, hidden agendas and elitism. How much better would it be if the picture was focused instead on images such as common vision, engaged citizenship, collaboration, and sustainable prosperity? Just two weeks ago, the St. Catharines - Thorold Prosperity Council presented to…
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Pelham Local Economy is an Endangered Species

Unlike many Ontario communities where big-box retailers and multi-national corporations dominate the retail landscape, Pelham continues to function as a rare local economy. Decisions that impact local jobs, wages and the quality of life of our community are made in Pelham everyday. When Pelham residents spend their shopping dollars at local businesses 3-4 times the…
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An Economic Vision for Pelham

Why don't we take our Town vision statement a step further and translate it into an all encompassing marketing message that can serve to unite and promote our entire community? Perhaps our theme will not be retirement but a more holistic, multi-generational, sustainable living centred focus.

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