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Town of Pelham ‘Love My Hood’ Program

Did you know? The Town of Pelham offers a 'Love My Hood' program that includes a special Took Kit and up to $300 in funding to encourage Pelham Residents to hold neighbourhood gatherings, activities and projects that help neighbours get to know one another?

This community building initiative is designed to provide resources, support and guidance to eliminate some common barriers residents might have in hosting a neighbourhood event.

To be eligible for Love My Hood, a neighbourhood or community must hold a gathering that brings people together in person and be open to all who live in that neighbourhood or are a part of the community.

For example, you may define your neighbourhood as the three blocks in and around your home.  An eligible event would invite all residents in that defined area to attend, as well the neighbourhood ward councillor along with the Mayor will be notified of your Love my Hood Event.

The event or activity would include a way for neighbours who attend the chance to get to know one another as neighbours. Love My Hood events can be as small or as big as you like.

Event Ideas:

  • Meet and Greet afternoon social
  • Holiday Celebration e.g. Victoria Day celebrations
  • Hopscotch tournament
  • Road Hockey tournament
  • Book exchange
  • Frisbee, soccer, baseball or football game
  • Street or park cleanup
  • Tree or flower planting
  • Fun fair
  • Movie night
  • Nature walk/hike
  • Charity yard sale and BBQ
  • Plant exchange
  • Neighbourhood art project
  • Community Jane's Walk/ History Walk
  • Capitalize on things already happening in the community. For example, if there is a free swim at a nearby pool, have a get-together after the swim.
  • A Dog's Breakfast: send invitations to all the local dogs and their owners.  Breakfast is held in the driveway with cinnamon buns for the owners and biscuits for the dogs.

All excellent suggestions to help build relationships in our community and a great example of the Town of Pelham advancing its vision statement of 'being the most vibrant, innovative and caring community in Niagara'.

PHOTO CREDIT: Mayor Dave Augustyn's Online Journal - 'Appreciating Pelham’s Small Town Feel"

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