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Buyer Agency

As your 'Buyer's Agent' we add considerable value to your home buying experience.

There is a huge difference in the level of service that we  can provide to you if you are our Customer or  our Client.









As your Buyer's Agent we have Fiduciary Duties:

Undivided Loyalty – We work solely in your Best Interests

Obedience – We seek out and obey, your lawful instructions, not exceeding the scope of authority you give us

Reasonable Care & Diligence – We protect you from foreseeable risks & harm, and recommend you obtain expert advice or assistance when your needs are outside the scope of our expertise

Confidentiality – We do not share personal information about you, unless you authorize us to do so

Full Disclosure – We disclose all information to you about the transaction which may affect your best interestssidebar-box

Accounting – We account for all moneys held on your behalf or earned as a result of your purchase

Advocacy –We act as your advocate

Inform – We inform you of all available properties currently for sale and search for suitable properties not yet on the market

Price – We advise you of our opinion of Market Value or likely Purchase Price of any property

If  you are our Customer, we have more limited responsibilities:

Honesty – Don’t misrepresent

Fairness – Explain the difference between customer and client

Accounting - Account for all moneys held on your behalf or earned as a result of your purchase

Reasonable Care & Diligence – Obey all laws pertaining to transactions