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Hallex Environmental – Local Experts in Environmental Site Assessments

Hallex is a full service engineering and environmental firm based in the Niagara region providing a complete range of services that includes engineering, environmental science, cost consulting, commissioning and project management.

Hallex Environmental provides a complete range of services to the residential, industrial, commercial and institutional marketplace for both small and large projects.


  1. Phase One ESA – Is an investigation of the subject property, adjacent lands and land uses within the study area (250 m of subject site) to determine the likelihood that one or more contaminants have affected soil, groundwater, and/or sediment at the study site. Recognized environmental conditions are individually evaluated as to whether they are triggers for additional investigation via a Phase Two ESA.
  2. Phase Two ESA – Is completed to determine the presence/absence of potential contaminants of concern within the soil, groundwater, and/or sediment at the study site. The presence of contaminants, if detected, often results in the need for further sampling, analyses and possibly remediation.


As a condition of financing, property purchaser’s due diligence, land owner’s negotiation, City/Town/Region has mandated the work for site development and permit issuance, or record of site condition regulatory filing requirement.


  1. Record of Site Condition – Provides a snap shot of the environmental condition of a property based on the environmental site assessment investigations. Must be filed with the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation & Parks before property use changes (ie. commercial to residential use) can take effect.
  2. Designated Substances Survey and Hazardous Materials Survey – Utilized to determine the presence or absence of hazardous materials within a building (ie. Asbestos, Lead, Mould) prior to renovation or demolition. Quantifies the amount and disposal requirements for each substance if detected.
CONTACT: Jade Anema, MBA, B.Eng, CAPM, E.I.T. 
Project Coordinator
Hallex Environmental Ltd.
4999 Victoria Avenue
Niagara Falls, ON
L2E 4C9
Cell: (226) 567-1167
Main Office: (905) 357-4015
Fax: (905) 353-1105

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