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Factors Sellers Overlook When Preparing for A Move

As exciting as it is to move into a new home, the process can be time consuming and stressful – especially if you have overlooked factors involved in preparing for a move. If it’s been a while since you have last experienced a move, here are a few reminders to help prepare yourself for what lies ahead…

Packing takes longer than you think

The worst mistake you can make is to underestimate how much time it takes to pack. Depending on the size of the home, you should start packing anywhere from a week to a month ahead of the scheduled move day. To keep track of where you’ve stored your items, number each box and keep an inventory list of what can be found inside each one.

You’ve accumulated more than you realize
It is often astonishing how much can be accumulated over the years – especially if you have been in your current home for more than five years. Make sure you give yourself enough time to sort through all the rooms in your home and donate, dump, or sell the items that you no longer need.

There is more admin than you remember
Don’t forget that your address will need to be updated with all of your account holders. While most institutions allow you to update these details online these days, some might still insist that you bring along a hard copy of a proof of residence before they will update your details. It might be a good idea to take a few days leave after the move to sort out all the necessary admin.

The result is worth the effort
While going through the process of moving, many promise themselves never to go through the trouble again. However, as time passes, your needs will change and the home that was once perfect soon becomes restrictive and unpleasant to live in. As stressful as moving can be, nothing beats the feeling of being settled into a new home that suits all your lifestyle needs. Never allow the somewhat daunting process of moving deter you from getting in touch with a real estate professional who can help them take the bold step of relocating.

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