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5 tips to help hire the right mover – moneyville.ca Blogs

When I moved from a two-bedroom condo into a house in April, it cost $750 and took about six-and-a-half hours.  We got estimates from five or six movers and ended up using one that came highly-recommended from a friend.

I had no idea that Ministry of Consumer Services receives almost 300 inquires and complaints about movers each year.

“Moving is stressful and the last thing you need is added worry about your moving company. Make sure that the company you deal with is reputable so your move does not turn into a nightmare,” said Margarett Best, Minister of Consumer Services.

The ministry offers advice on ways consumers can protect themselves and minimize potential problems:

  1. Get three references from every mover you consider for the job and check them thoroughly.
  2. Don’t hire the first mover who gives you a quote. Get written estimates from different movers.
  3. Rreputable movers should inspect your furnishings to confirm the approximate volume to provide a proper quote. Avoid dealing with someone who wants to skip the inspection or give you a quote over the phone.
  4. Sign a written agreement with the mover, but understand what is included and what is not. Make sure you know who is responsible for damage or loss.
  5. Keep the agreement handy. You may need to refer to it if there is a disagreement on the day of the move or when you receive the bill.

The Ministry offers more tips on hiring a mover. It also keeps a Consumer Beware List so you can check the track record of a company before you consider doing business with it.

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Great advice here...get references from people you trust (i.e. Your Realtor 🙂 and ask for WRITTEN estimates! ~Cathy & John

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