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Cannabis Legalization and Real Estate Disclosure Requirements

What happens with real estate transactions involving a home that has had this number of cannabis plants grown within it? On October 17, 2018, it became legal to purchase small amounts of marijuana and grow up to four plants per residence (not per person) in Ontario. Nonetheless, the prospect of purchasing a home that has…
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What Renovations Produce Highest Return on Investment?

As a new or existing home owner, you will most likely re-sell your property at some point in the future. Often, as properties age, their appeal can substantially subside. A facelift may be in order to help restore lost market value. Unsure how best to invest your renovation $'s? Call us to discuss - we're…
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Home inspector sued for failing to discover mould in older home

This recent article by Real Estate Lawyer, Author & Speaker Mark Weisleder is an eye opener! A recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision confirmed a lower court ruling that a home inspector could be liable for failing to find a cause of mould, especially when knowing that the buyer was allergic to it. In the…
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Expert Advice- Why Experience COUNTS!

I was chatting with a friend the other day and we got talking about real estate “horror stories”. For each one that came up I offered my advice concerning how a prudent and well seasoned Realtor would have prevented each of the situations from happening. My friend commented that I sounded just like Mike Holmes…
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