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A Picture-perfect Niagara Culinary Experience

If you don't already follow Peninsula Lakes Golf Club on Facebook you better start now! My "LIKE" on one of their Facebook Photos earned me too tickets to an unforgettable gourmet dining experience.

Outstanding in the Course
Upon arrival all of us dinner guests were greeted by Club Manager, Tom Vanderlip and directed to our Golf Cart for the evening. We had no idea where on the Golf Course we would be dining but it was obvious it would not be within easy walking distance of the Clubhouse.

Our convoy of carts followed Tom to an incredible destination nestled behind a spectacular pond next to the Hole known as "Hillside Four". Somehow they even arranged to have a Blue Heron dancing along the shore for our dining entertainment.

Despite the limitations of a very simple outdoor kitchen (only a barbeque!) Chef Jason Williams conjured up an impeccable 4-Course meal that not only delighted our palettes twas also a vision to behold! Each Course was perfectly paired with a Niagara wine selection from Peninsula Ridge Estates Winery.

His efforts earned a standing ovation at the end of the meal from all of we attendees of this inaugural event. Word is that Chef Jason is planning a "Harvest" edition for the next 'Outstanding in the Course' dining event. Make sure you plan to book your tickets early...or if you're lucky enough like me watch for their next contest on their Facebook Page.

Here is my slideshow of more images from the evening. A special thank you to me fellow diners for being such great sports while I clicked & tweeted away throughout the meal.


The best night cap of all was viewing this incredible Pen Lakes sunset as we made our way back to the Clubhouse on this incredibly wonderful Pelham Summer Night.

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Cathy Berkhout-Bosse is Community Manager of  MyPelham.com. This article is also published on the MyPelham.com community website.

Cathy is a full time Realtor by day who also moonlights as a cheerleader of all things wonderful in our incredible Niagara Region - especially in her Hometown of Pelham, Niagara!

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