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Warbler Place Urban Village Opens Sales Office at the Seaway Mall

Celebrating their new development as the reverse of ‘They paved paradise and put up a parking lot’ Elevate Living Niagara hosted a Grand Opening of their sales office (Off Centre Court) in the Seaway Mall on Saturday September 17, 2022.

The new housing project will re-develop the back parking lot at the Seaway Mall into ‘Warbler Urban Village’ containing 1300 unit of various housing types including studio, 1,2,3-bedroom towns and stacked condos. Prices starting at $300K to $1M+

We’re going to plant 1,000 trees in this parking lot” says Drew Toth, developer with Elevate Living Niagara, “and create walking paths, diverse architecture that
compliments the existing surroundings and that also accommodates various demographics. We are going to increase the density while reducing the need for cars,
and we’re going to create community spaces like horizontal parks.”

Learn more about Warbler Place here: www.warblerplace.com

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