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Longevity Aboded – How Living Longer Impacts our Housing Industry

Pondering the concepts I learned this week at the 1st Meeting of the newly launched 'Business of AGEING Network Niagara' (BANN)- co-project of Ageworks and Niagara College Canada. Our Keynote Speaker: Mark Venning of Change Rangers gave us an eye opening crash course on the opportunities inherent in the LONGEVITY ECONOMY. www.changerangers.com

"Age is often wasted on the old. . . living longer, it’s time we start finding a good social use for those extra years." Theodore Roszak (2001)

A Longevity Society shapes an Economy and he presented these key aspects to us:

1) Longevity Endurable: New business opportunities arising from the 'Home Care Continuum'

2) Longevity Augmented: Assistive devices & technology improving quality of life

3) Longevity Financed: What the heck are “golden years”?

4) Longevity Aboded: Housing impacts

5) Longevity Consumerized: Age-Friendly CX, What experience are you trying to deliver?

6) Longevity Enlightened: Continuing Education & Alternative career directions; Arts and cultural engagement

7) Longevity Advocacy: Elder law and personal agency

8) Longevity Marketing: Words create worlds.

The language we use shapes the culture we get.

Fascinating stuff - we have much to learn to be truly 'Age Inclusive' in our businesses and society as a whole. BANN meets quarterly - next up: Pat Spadafora - Consultant and Founder - Kaleidscope Consulting , Founder & Former Executive Director of Sheridan Centre for Elder Research on topic of: "Combatting Ageism: What Does This Mean to Your Business? " www.ageworks.com

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