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A Culinary Extravaganza – our Michelin Star Dining Experience

From the moment we were seated overlooking the Toronto skyline, we knew we were in for a treat. Don Alfonso 1890 at the top of the Westin Harbour Castle was recently awarded the title of the second best Italian restaurant in the world (outside Italy.) 2023 World category of the 50 Top Italy annual list.

This restaurant is drop dead gorgeous!  The floor to ceiling windows offer 360-degree views of Toronto's skyline on one side and Lake Ontario on the other. The visually stunning space is adorned with intricate details, including plaster ceiling with a rose motif, exquisite contemporary artwork and lighting, as well as custom-crafted dishware.

Our dining experience began with a consultation with the very gracious sommelier who helped us navigate the 745 plus wine list. Once we settled on Tornatore Etna Rosso DOC 2020 from Sicily, our food service started with a trio of freshly baked bread and focaccia followed by Chef's special canapés, setting the stage for the epic gastronomic adventure that followed.

The Courses:

Starters: My choice of  L'Anguilla, with its eel gelato, was a sensationally different taste experience, and John’s pick was L'Anatra, - seared Quebec muscovy duck breast with celeriac puree and pomegranate sauce. Both dishes showcased not only great flavours but also stunning plating.

Primi: I ordered the scrumptious Il Risotto, aged Acquerello rice with slice of veal shank in saffron broth but it was John’s I Ravioli, stuffed with pheasant Genovese style, king oyster mushroom, Grana Padano foam and black truffle that was the total showstopper!

Secondi: The excellence extended to Il Bisonte, - featuring organic Manitoba bison tenderloin wrapped in swiss chard, buffalo mozzarella and Chef’s secret bread coating and L'Astice, one of the most beautiful, decadent and yummy plates of lobster that I’ve ever eaten.

Our dessert course was a mesmerizing finale to an extraordinary meal as our plate of deliciously unique Petite Fours were elegantly presented atop smouldering dry ice.

The restaurant's commitment to excellence extends to the service staff, whose professionalism and attentiveness enhanced our unforgettable dining adventure.

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