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Local REALTORS® work to improve Quality of Life in Niagara

As local REALTORS® our work contributes dramatically to the quality of life in our local communities and the Niagara Region as a whole. We sell much more than homes. We sell the livability of our communities and as local citizens we actively participate in a wide variety of initiatives that support economic growth and sustainability.

In order to highlight the full scope of the community development impact of the real estate industry, The Ontario Real Estate Association has recently launched a Quality of Life member information guide. This guide essentially formalizes five working principles that have always been an inherent (and admittedly often intangible) impetus for the business approach of professional REALTORS®.

The five components of the Quality of Life philosophy include: 1) Ensuring economic vitality; 2) Providing housing opportunities; 3) Preserving our environment; 4) Protecting the rights of property owners and 5) Building better communities.

It goes without saying that a healthy housing industry is a fundamental component of a strong economy. A vibrant real estate market creates jobs, expands the tax base and revitalizes communities.

Helping people to realize the dream of home ownership is an exhilarating feeling that never fails to thrill even the most seasoned home selling veteran. Real estate agents also clearly recognize that the environment - clean air and water, parks and open space are all essential elements to a livable, desirable and therefore, saleable community.

Protecting property rights is a critical part of the role of a real estate professional as we are continually on the front line of assisting to resolve ownership issues and preserving the investment people have made in their homes.

Real estate agents are also active participants in a huge variety of community organizations that help make our communities a better place to live. We contribute our time and resources to ensure that our communities continue to offer important “livability” features such as affordable housing choices, employment opportunities, vibrant commercial sectors, good schools, safe neighbourhoods, quality public services, ample recreation opportunities and efficient infrastructure.

The Ontario Real Estate Association Quality of Life campaign provides a formalized opportunity for local REALTORS® to hopefully do a better job of articulating the collective impact of our individual contributions to the Niagara community.

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