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Cultural Revolution in Niagara

The real estate assets of a community are a visual history book that reflects local economic development cycles.  Our buildings, landscapes and monuments all contribute to the formation of our cultural identity and sense of place. In many ways our architectural heritage is a physical representation of the achievements and values of our local citizens.

In Pelham and throughout Niagara we are on the cusp of the implementation of an unprecedented investment in infrastructure that will introduce a new chapter to our development history. The progress that is underway is not limited solely to physical elements. We are also in the midst of a cultural revolution.

In March of this year Niagara became one of the first upper tier municipalities in Ontario to approve a municipally directed culture plan. The purpose of the Niagara Culture Plan is to identify and leverage all Niagara cultural resources and integrate them across all facets of planning and decision-making.

As a local Realtor, one of the comments contained within the report that resonated profoundly for me was the statement, “Quality of place is a powerful economic driver in attracting and retaining talent in a global world”. Niagara has so many incredible assets and it is this process of collaborative, grass roots level engagement that will lead to a shared sense of identity amongst all of our vibrant local communities within Niagara.

Collaboration and information sharing was the common theme at the community building panel discussion hosted last week by the newly formed Social Media Club Niagara. Networking enthusiasts from across Niagara representing multiple career paths and technological skill levels gathered together under the banner of the club motto “If you Get it-Share it”.

As individual Niagarans I think we all “get” what a wonderful collection of places that Niagara is. Can you imagine the power of all shouting out that message together?

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