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New at Tim’s Farm – Murals, Fresh Baked Bread and Desserts

The beautiful art murals that now adorn Tim's Farm grabbed our attention as my husband John and I walked down Canboro Road this week. We enjoyed a lovely visit with Local Artist, Paul Gosen while he was creating this whimsical medley of flowers that now adorns the west side of Tim Zakrajsek's farm stand located at 361 Canboro Rd. in Ridgeville.

Paul explained that he loved shopping at the farm and when Tim found out that Paul was an Artist they decided that murals would be a great way to give the local business a new look

Tim and his wife, Tamara Samardzija began operating the farm last year following in the steps of previous owners, Joe and Theresa Hozjan who ran the farm business for many years. We were especially excited to discover that Tamara is a Pastry Chef and highly skilled at creating cakes, custards, specialty pastries and bread.

John and I just had to try the custard tarts after they were highly recommended by Paul as his personal favourite. We now know why - absolutely delectable and well worth the price of 4 for $5.00!

Tim told us that he is up at 4 am every morning to get the bread oven on so that customers can stop by for freshly baked bread everyday.

John and I will have to make sure we keep this section of Canboro Rd on our walking route only once a week or all this deliciousness could become somewhat counter productive to our exercise efforts. But then again it is also excellent incentive to get walking to Ridgeville more often.

About Tim's Farm:

"At Tim's Farm, we pride ourselves on selling fruit and vegetables to the Niagara region. Continuing a family tradition that started in Slovenia, Tim's Farm ensures its clients that its products are fresh and of the highest quality."`as posted on Tim's Farm Facebook Page

This article is featured here on myPelham.com as part of our 'About Town' series on the myNiagara Online Community Platform. John and I always love having fun making new local discoveries in our travels around #Niagara.

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