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Life of a Realtor in the Social Media Age

At the close of another year my mind inevitably reflects upon the happenings of the past year. I’ll remember 2012 as the year that social media stopped being a “new tool” in our marketing plan and simply became an extension of the way we already do our business.

Real estate is and will always be primarily a “people business”. To be a successful Realtor requires that you have unlimited patience to help lead the way to assist our client’s to keep a positive prospective in what can often be frustrating circumstances.

Customer service demands that you be an incredible listener and be available promptly to provide feedback, market information and just as often a reassuring update and sometimes even a hug. In the Social Media Age this means not only returning calls promptly but also e-mail, texts, Facebook messages and tweets.

IMG_5754One of our most memorable highlights in 2012 was this unforgettable champagne toast!  Our Sellers and the Buyers met with us so we could collectively put the Sold sign on the property and celebrate the culmination of a six month sales experience involving near daily phone calls and multiple twists and turns.

How wonderful that the Buyers had brought a friend along with them to photograph the experience – now captured here as a living testimonial that previous to social media we would have referred to as word-of-mouth advertising.

Real estate in the digital age also requires that Agents have knowledge about the market that their clients can’t just find out for themselves on Google.  As John and I enter into our 27th year of real estate sales we do so with an accumulated history of hard earned professional expertise that our clients can trust and rely on to assist in their decision making.

Essentially, the service that we provide is to connect our clients with their new home and neighbourhood. We are thankful for our social media platforms that give us the opportunity to highlight our experience and show off our local community.  However, as always, it is the personal relationships that we make along the way that make our business a success.

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